snaatch is a pro-sumer application for media experts.

After working on the web and mobile application I was able to continue working on this project.

The snaatch-team was really happy with my previous work and decided to continue working on this project with me.

As the User Interface designer, User Experience designer and front-end developer I was able to create the whole landing page.

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The goal of the landing page was to showcase all features. By going through the workflow of the customer and zooming in on every feature and pain point I was able to display all the benefits.

By using the features for the mobile application and on the web I show the end customer how he can use the product from anywhere for his workflow.

The design was created in Figma and it is consistent with the application.

The frontend is built with GatsbyJS and it drastically helps with the page load times.

The site uses a headless CMS that we connected to the frontend. The CMS and the frontend support multiple languages.

During development I used GatsbyJS in the frontend. It is a framework based on React.

In total I have created over 50 components. I created 20 different sections which can be used freely on every page to give all following pages a consistent look.

All elements are animated in detail and optimized for all devices.

Branding: Simon Halimonov
UI / UX Design: Simon Halimonov
Development: Simon Halimonov

Design, Development