The snaatch application is a product by experts for experts. The main challenge was to create a new workflow for very demanding professionals. Everything about this product had to be precise and just right.

snaatch takes on the main pain points for media teams. The upload of big files in a fast and efficient manner. Collaborating seamlessly with big distributed teams. Sharing and delivering in real time.

The application also brings new unique features to the market for a niche. And brings these features to the web and mobile devices.

For this project I have explored and created over 250 unique screen designs. To find the right workflow and display it correctly, I had to explore several directions and get feedback from a professional media expert.
The screen designs are made up of a consistent system of over 150 individual components. The components are designed to be applicable across platforms.

I designed the whole project in Figma. It helped me to get feedback quickly. Since everything is in the cloud, I never had to worry about the hand-off.

For the application and website we use a single font family. Inter is optimized for displays. By using a single font we enforce brand consistency.

As a User Interface designer and User Experience designer I was working on the whole digital product design from start to finish. I also was able to work on a big part of the branding by specifying the colours, font choices and more.

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Branding: Simon Halimonov
UI / UX Design: Simon Halimonov
Development: Sebastian K├╝sters