You probably heard these names.
Pascal, Sartre. Nietzsche. Kant.
What do they have in common? They are all philosophers who had an incredible impact.

But why is Philosophy only a thing at schools and universities?

While I was working on the Philonomist landing page I’ve learned how important it can be at the workplace.

Philonomist is an independent online media dedicated to the ideas and issues reshaping the workplace, the world of business and the economy in general.

The landing page was created to showcase the new service offers from Philonomist.

The micro interactions were prototyped in Framer X and then translated into React code.
The frontend is built with GatsbyJS and it drastically helps with the page load times.
The site uses a headless CMS that we connected to the frontend. The CMS and the frontend support multiple languages.

As a part of the talented and awesome Jungle Program I’ve worked on the User Interface Design, the User Experience Design and the Frontend Development.

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Branding: Gautier Roquancourt, Chloé Barria
Illustration: Gautier Roquancourt, Chloé Barria
UI / UX Design: Gautier Roquancourt, Simon Halimonov
Development: Louis Rouffineau, Simon Halimonov

Design, Development


Jungle Program