Do you know somebody who has an art collection?
Do you know the process of managing a collection?

Did you know that art collectors use spreadsheet applications to manage all their data?

Well, not anymore.

MyStudiolo is an application from art collectors for art collectors. The startup is based in France and I was able to help them while I was working remotely from Bangkok, Thailand.

The landing page was created to enable the pre marketing of the upcoming application launch. With the help of Gautier and Chloe, who worked on the branding, I was able to design an appealing User Interface. The illustrations on the page are all custom made and also animated.

The micro interactions were prototyped in Framer X and then translated into code.
The frontend is built with GatsbyJS and it drastically helps with the page load times.
The site uses a headless CMS that we connected to the frontend. The CMS and the frontend support multiple languages.

As a part of the talented and awesome Jungle Program I’ve worked on the User Interface Design, the User Experience Design and the Frontend Development.

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Branding: Gautier Roquancourt, Chloé Barria
Illustration: Gautier Roquancourt, Chloé Barria
UI / UX Design: Gautier Roquancourt, Simon
Development: Charly Martin, Simon Halimonov

Design, Development


Jungle Program