MyStudiolo is an art collection management platform from art collectors for art collectors.

The illustrations are all handmade and they connect the strong custom brand design from MyStudiolo and their inspiration ⏤ contemporary art.

The micro interactions were prototyped in Framer X and then translated into React code and organised in Storybook to demonstrate all the different component states. The frontend is built with React and Redux.
The site uses a custom backend written with Node.js.

After the initial design phase I captured all the components in an extensive list. Then I did a sprint to translate all those components into code.

This has boosted our progress as our other front-end developer had more time to focus on the business logic of the application.

As a part of the talented and awesome Jungle Program I’ve worked on the User Interface Design, the User Experience Design and the Frontend Development.

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Branding: Gautier Roquancourt, Chloé Barria
Illustration: Gautier Roquancourt, Chloé Barria
UI / UX Design: Gautier Roquancourt, Simon Halimonov
Frontend Development: Charly Martin, Simon Halimonov
Backend Development: Louis Rouffineau, Steven Bowen

Design, Development


Jungle Program