Better products with Design Systems

  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce development time
  • Increase product quality
  • Inprove brand consistency
  • Reduce miscommunication
  • Bring designers and developers together
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My 3 step process


Define a roadmap

Audit the current process.
Develop individual tactics.


Create a standardized language

Organize information.
Build Collaboration.


Design System

Design System Development.


What's inside?

My service is optimized to train a team as fast as possible. In the shortest possible time, they should learn how to make a design system feasible and applicable.


Live Coaching-Sessions

1-on-1 Support

A clear process

Money-back guarantees

Measurable results

Bring your whole team

Access to video recordings

Remote Team-Workshops

The typical questions ...

Why do I need a design system?

So your team can ...

Save development time


Increase product quality


Reduce time to market


Increase brand consistency


Lower Opportunity Cost


Boost Team Happiness

These are a few of the reasons that speak for a design system.

With my help, you can simply put, optimize your process.

Typically, teams see a 10% increase in productivity with a design system.

Who can benefit from a design system?

I recommend it for product teams of about 10 people or more. At this size, communication starts to become more complex.

Do we need new tools for a design system? We already use X and Y.

Google Docs

Google Sheets





Adobe XD



No. Most likely not.


Have more questions?

Is this for me?

This course is for anyone who works in a team on digital products like apps and websites. So if you are a project manager, product owner, designer or developer, writer or user researcher, then this course is for you.

What do we do if we are unhappy with the content?

If you or I find that the plan doesn't work out, then I'll refund the money.

We don't have the resources. How are we going to get this on our roadmap?

A design system helps you make better use of your resources. My approach always starts with an MVP design system. The MVP is then applied in a pilot project.

Do we need to hire a new person for that?

No, this is usually not necessary. A design system can be set up and organized in several ways. Centrally by a team, which operates and organizes the design system. Or decentralized by responsible persons from all teams.

How much does your service cost?

Sorry for this answer, but it depends. For a small team it is usually a mid 4 figure sum. With larger teams, it can be 5 or 6 figures. With the number of members, products, brands and other variables, the complexity can increase. I start here in small steps and orient myself according to the requirements of the teams.

Is it actually worth it to start a design system?

Yes, it's worth it for teams that want to scale their design and engineering output. Without hiring new people. Design Systems can typically increase a team's efficiency by 5% to 50%. And reduce costs. Feel free to ask me for examples.

Simon Halimonov as a Teacher at a DCI Hackathon

Hey, I'm Simon!

As a remote worker for the last two years, I partner with a variety of clients based in Germany, Switzerland, France and other parts of the world.

As a teacher at the Digital Career Institute, I logged over 1200 classroom hours instructing students how to program.

Beginning in December 2018, I’ve taught a web development curriculum I helped to devise that includes in-depth lesson on “Fullstack JavaScript Development” and “Design for Developers”.

My secret collection

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